Australian Supreme Champion



(Aust Ch Kellagem Show Me The Money  ex Aust Ch Winpara Dream A Litl DreamOfMe)

Whelped: 15th December 2016

DNA tested Clear - CEA, NCL5, TNS, DM, MDR1, PLL, Myotonia Congenita, IGS, SN, Cystinuria Type II-A, Gonio/Glau, Dental Hypomineralisation

DNA tested Carrier - Early Adult Onset Deafness (MyDogDNA)

DNA profiled (Orivet and ISAG MyDogDNA/Genoscoper)

Hips- 1:1     Elbows- 0:0  Shoulders x-rayed Normal

DNA profiled (Orivet and MyDogDNA ISAG)

Frozen semen available

2019 Highlights

Best In Group - WAKC Winter Festival - Mrs L Chothithada (Thailand)
Runner Up Best In Show - Collie and Shetland Sheepdog Club of WA - Mr B Farrell (NSW)
Runner Up Best In Show - Working Dog Club of WA -  Mr S Ishimaru (Japan) 
Top Bred By Exhibitor - Working Dog Club of WA Pointscore 2019
Top Border Collie Breed and Show Dog (WA) 2019 DOL Pointscore
#6 in the Working Group DOL Showdog of the Year 2019 (WA)


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