Winpara Do Ucee Wot Icee

(Tookurra Soul Chance ex Aust Ch Winpara Icee Red ADX JDX)
Whelped: 20th April 2005

Pictures @  4 years

Stoli is our miracle puppy. 
Hand reared after being almost crushed to death at just a few days old, we were sure we were going to lose her.  But Stoli is made of tougher stuff than any of us realised and is fighting fit and very much still with us!

She is a very dark girl but with the sweetest most expression filled face I have ever seen.  Everything has been harder for Stoli, but she has the determination of 10 puppies and has overcome all the obstacles.

Stoli has some permanent brain damage and muscle spasticity as a result of her near death experience. So whilst her brain works just fine her legs do not always do what she is thinking!  As such she generally looks as though she has had too much to drink (hence her name "Stoli" as in Stolichnyia Lemon Ruski which is a bit of a "girls" drink - and our Stoli looks as though she has partaken in one too many!)

She has wobbled her way into our hearts, and whilst she will never be a Best in Show winner or performance champion she is a champion in our eyes and we couldn't imagine our lives without her!

Stoli continues to amaze us with her zest for life and tenacious attitude. She recently started training for agility which she really enjoys (especially as there are lots of treats and "good girls" to be earned!).

Stoli measures in at just half a centimetre into the 500 height class - so jumps 4 cm higher than her height at the wither. If she had measured that little bit less she would have been in the 400 class and jumped 10cm lower than she is now! A reminder to all to trim your dogs toenails before they are officially measured or face the prospect of jumping 10cm more!

But Stoli is used to doing things the hard way... always trying her hardest and always with a smile on her face. Stoli has a unique but effective jumping style... tho sometimes it is easier to concentrate when you poke out your tongue!

Tookurra Soul Chance
Khayoz Soul Deep UD AD
AUST/NZ CH Maghera Crystal Rythem
AUST CH Finestyle Sundancer
AUST CH Maghera Crystl Cascade
AUST CH Lindenbrae Tarfin Louisa CDX
AUST CH Lindenbrae Hadrian CD
AUST CH Lindenbrae Tarantellya
AUST CH Tullacrest Lady Oth Nite CD
Clan-Abby Phantom Of Love (Imp NZ)
AUST/NZ/SAF/ZIM CH Clan-Abby Casanova Too (Imp NZ)
NZ CH Clan-Abby Lornas Love
AUST CH Tullacrest
Femme Fatale
AUST/NZ CH Maghera Casanova
AUST CH Tullacrest Be Tempted
Winpara Icee Red
Tullacrest Medicine Man
Borderfame Bravo CDX AD
AUST/FIN/DK/INT CH Minimbah Showdown (Imp Aust)
Borderfame Polyanna
AUST CH Tullacrest Witchcraft
AUST/NZ GRAND CH Clan-Abby Phantom Of Love (Imp NZ)
AUST CH Tullacrest Be Tempted
AUST CH Rhonabwy Secret Whispers ADX JD
Borderfame Eveready
AUST CH Borderfame Blaize Oglory
Borderfame Red Supa Star
Breekama Pats Charity
Glen-Nevis Just A Kracker (Imp NZ)
Llanwnen Elegnt N Elusiv

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