How do I get a Winpara puppy?

Information about our timelines and application process for upcoming litters


Due to the high number of enquiries I have been getting for puppies over the past few months I felt perhaps it was pertinent to put together some information about how things work with us and the usual time frame for placement of puppies. To ensure everyone gets information quickly and that everyone also gets the SAME information. 

I breed for myself (show dogs) and follow the Australian National Kennel Council breed standard with an aim to preserve the characteristics of the Australian Border Collie ( My criteria and standards are high and I am passionate about the breed I have loved since I was a teenager.  My dogs are bred to be loved companions first and foremost with the looks, temperament and correct conformation to win in the show ring, to be competitive in dog sports and to also live healthy, long lives. They are not bred with sheep work in mind, if you are looking for a dog to primarily work stock I recommend you find a breeder who has that as a priority. 

Of course I can't keep whole litters, so any pups I don’t consider for keeping myself, become available as companion pets on limit register. There is no price difference for male /female or colour variation it does not cost me any more or less to raise one sex / colour over another. 

Puppy announcements will be posted on Facebook and the website as things progress and photos shared.  Expressions of interest will be taken sometime from about 5 weeks of age.  Please watch the FB page and/or website for this.   As puppies grow and develop I then look through the responses from those who have enquired  to see which would be a good match for each puppy.   However I do not sell or promise puppies until after they have been vet checked, fully evaluated and I have chosen which puppy/puppies will remain here.  This usually happens around 7-8 weeks.   I will then contact those who have made an EOI and I consider to be a potential match to a puppy to arrange a visit and we will go from there.  

At the puppy visit we will chat about the puppies, meet the puppies mother (and Dad too if available) and often see the littermates and perhaps other close relatives too. We can discuss any queries or concerns you may have with regarding feeding, raising, training, health checks etc. Should you not like the puppy I have chosen as suitable or vice versa then you are under no obligation to buy and by the same token I reserve the right to decline the sale.  

My puppies are wormed regularly from birth, microchipped and vet checked before sale. Their parents have up to date DNA testing and have been hip and elbow scored - results of which can be found on the Health Stats page of the website, under the litter information on the puppies page and also on each parents individual page (if owned by me).

All puppies will be registered with DogsWest on the Limited Register and are eligible to compete in all ANKC sanctioned canine events as a pedigree Border Collie. Upgrades to Main Register for the purpose of conformation showing and breeding are possible pending assessment for suitability and health checks being done by owners. 

Not every home will suit a Border Collie and not every puppy will suit every home. I aim to match puppies to homes I think will suit their individual characteristics so please be as honest as possible when completing the application. Also the more information you give me about yourself and what you are looking for in your future family member the easier it is for me to know if one of my available puppies will suit you. Unfortunately there are often more enquiries than I have puppies available so some disappointments are inevitable. This is not necessarily because there is anything "wrong" with the home you are offering, sometimes it is just a numbers game. 

Buying a puppy is not like buying a car or a new handbag. I do not sell pups on a first come first served basis, I do not sell to the highest bidder, beyond a preference for gender or colour it is unlikely you will get to "choose" your puppy. I do not take markings into consideration as that is just "window dressing". If you are of the belief that particular markings are more important than temperament then I am not the breeder for you. 

I have a responsibility to every puppy I breed from before conception until the end of their lives and will always take back any puppy I have bred for any reason at any time. However I would prefer they went to their forever home the first time which is why I carefully choose their new family.

Every breeder does things differently, if you are uncomfortable with my processes then please keep looking for a breeder who suits you better.  

Breeding Border Collies is a hobby and a passion I have had since I fell in love with the breed as a teenager. It is not a business, I have a real job for that! ;) I average 10 enquiries every week about dogs/puppies. With a young family and a business to run I simply do not have the time to respond. There is no contact phone numbers listed on my website because as much as I enjoy talking about my dogs I really don't have the time spare to do it.   

Unless I have puppies currently available that I am actively looking to place there is really nothing I can tell you that you can't find out by reading the information on my website ( I usually breed 1-3 litters per year and may have an idea of the litters I am planning to breed over the next 12 months but can not give any time frames until after the bitch has been mated. Therefore I cannot tell you if I will have puppies available or who the parents will be more than 4 months in advance.

 In my experience people rarely wait once they start looking for a puppy and as such I do not keep a wait list. If you are keen for a puppy specifically from me I recommend you follow the Facebook page and/or check the website every month or two for information about upcoming litters/available puppies and to look out for the application link. 

Price for a companion puppy is $3000 (current at July 2023 and subject to change)

If considering buying a puppy from Winpara, please feel free to verify my ANKC membership status (member number: 6007224990). 

Registered breeder check - or alternatively contact Dogswest on email: to verify my membership.


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