No puppies available at this time - next litters likely to arrive early/mid 2018

We do not keep a waiting list, more information will be available here once litters are confirmed.


*** Please Note ***

All Winpara puppies are regularly wormed from birth, microchipped, age appropriately vaccinated (C3) and vet checked.

We do not breed specifically for coloured pups - there is occasionally a chance we will breed a red (commonly known as wheaten, gold, blonde) or blue (slate, grey, dilute) puppy.

We do not ever get chocolate, merle or tricolour puppies as our dogs do not carry the genes for these colours.

Pet/companion puppies will be registered with the ANKC (DogsWest) on the Limited Register and are subject to a spey/neuter contract.

We do not sell puppies for showing or breeding purposes unless discussed upfront at time of purchase. Keep in mind that there will likely be quite a wait for a show/breeding potential puppy as it must be of sufficient high quality and conformation for me to consider suitable. Conditions and limitations will apply.

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